Here at Harthill Hogroasts we focus on the two things:
Where we source our produce from and you, our customer.

Harthill Hogroasts - About Us

We are a professional catering outfit that aims to fuse traditional hogroasting ideals with contemporary catering ideas. We are a company that brings together two generations of complimentary catering experts…

For the Hog, Clive Holden, a butcher with 40 years in the industry, 20 of which have been successfully devoted to his shop in the village of Harthill.

For the Roast, Russell Davies, a professional chef with a decade worth of worldwide experience, most recently specialising in wedding and event catering

Together we ensure the very best in  relaxed, informal  wedding and event catering. We are dedicated to our trade and only use local Derbyshire pork, and are fully insured and adhere to all health and hygiene guidelines set out by the health authority.